John Scott's NITRO® is a company built by athletes for athletes with a reputation for integrity and exceptional quality products. JSNitro is very different from other supplement companies because they have science-based, effective products in every category - not just one or two hot products. JSNitro takes a comprehensive approach to improving performance and intends for their products to be used together as a unified metabolic system (UMS™), for maximizing both athletic performance and health. JSNitro products have been “battle tested” and proven by the most intense athletes on the planet in just about every type of sport. At JSNitro we continually strive to help “build a new breed of champion” by providing the ultimate in performance supplementation and the knowledge to apply them.
John Scott, CISSN, CNS, SPN

John Scott, a lifetime drug-free competitive athlete for nearly 3 decades, is a sports nutritionist and visionary in the field of performance nutrition. His diverse background includes chemical manufacturing and quality assurance, nutritional product distribution, ownership of multiple nutrition stores and a lifetime as a supplement consumer.

As a teenager, John began using nutrition to gain a competitive edge as a drug free athlete. While studying the scientific and medical information on nutrition and athletic performance, he realized the nutritional combinations he needed and desired were not available. Frustrated with the inadequate potencies and incomplete supplement formulations, John utilized his knowledge of the science of human performance, combined with his industry experience, to create the ultimate nutritional tools for athletes.

Ever since, John has successfully helped countless athletes from a multitude of sports. As the founder and developer of JSNitro, he continues to passionately use this unified approach, helping athletes become champions.

Bob Karmel, Master Martial Artist
Bob Karmel, (Master Martial Artist)
Bob is a lifelong athlete and world renowned trainer. In the world of martial arts, he is a legend. Over the past 30 years he has earned 6 different black belts, has fought as a professional Muay Thai fighter and has helped numerous amateur and professional fighters become world champions. He has lived all over the world and is also a culinary trained chef, a champion kayaker/rower, and a certified USA Boxing coach (in the USA Olympic program). He was the 1st American to be a Muay Thai boxing trainer in Thailand and is credited with bringing that sport to the U.S. Currently, he is continuing his legacy training elite fighters at the world famous Lion’s Den. Bob’s vast experience has made him a firm believer that properly applied supplementation has tremendous benefit. Bob’s passion for athletic excellence drives his commitment to helping athletes realize their full potential.
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