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Are Your Supplements Safe?

Are Your Supplements Safe?
By John Scott, CISSN, CNS, SPN posted 2009-10-16

Are Your Supplements Safe? - John Scotts Nitro

ALERT: Are Your Supplements Safe?
The current controversy surrounding supplement companies selling products that include steroid or steroid-like ingredients has brought the issue of product safety to the forefront of the news. The FDA recently sent warning letters to 28 different companies that were illegally marketing products containing steroids in an effort to "protect consumers from potentially dangerous products".

It upsets me that these companies have used the good reputation of the health industry to sell anything that makes them money, regardless of how damaging their products can be. It is sadly obvious that these supplement companies are more interested in your money than your health. These companies are selling you drugs disguised as natural supplements. As a supplement company owner and a father, I find it disturbing on many levels. Kids can walk into "health food" stores and think they are buying something safe because the products are supposedly "legal". This legal loophole is being used by companies with no conscience over selling steroids to kids.

Several of these popular supplement companies (whose products you will find in practically every store) have even been previously warned by the United States Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) for either having banned substances in their products, or not having the ingredients that are listed on the label in the actual product, yet they continue.

Please rest assured that John Scott's Nitro is NOT one of those companies. I am proud to say that not once during our 11 year history have we ever compromised our ethics to make money. We have never even considered making any gray-area "anabolic pro-hormones" and never added ephedrine to any of our formulas, even prior to the federal ban. Since our inception at John Scott's Nitro, we've been committed to helping athletes improve not only their performance, but also their health. We firmly believe that these two things should not be separated. This is one of the core principles on which our company stands.

For more than a decade now, we have proven through the people using our products, myself included, that it is possible to dramatically and consistently improve athletic performance without drugs. Those of you who have shattered your own personal records using our products know what an incredible feeling it is. All of us at John Scott's Nitro stand behind our belief in the commitment to NEVER sacrifice an athlete's health for better performance.

We are vigilant about reviewing all of the continuing research on the safety and efficacy of natural ingredients regarding their effects on athletic performance. We are also vigilant about keeping athletes informed about which ingredients are banned for athletic competitions by the various athletic organizations. These organizations include the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA), the United States Anti-Doping Association (USADA), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and by the , Union Cycliste International (UCI).

Numerous measures are taken to assure that John Scott's Nitro products are safe, legal, effective and based on real science. Our products meet 100% label claim and are manufactured in a facility that does not produce any illegal or gray-area supplements. Ensuring our products have the highest purity and exceed the standards for the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.

At John Scott's Nitro we are proud to offer the highest performance fuel for humans - and we believe the safest.

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